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Monday, January 19, 2004

The Hidrovía Paraná Paraguay - a beginner's guide!

I sidled into mentioning this (would be) transcontinental waterway on January 17 - having failed to find an HPP 101 -style document.

Now, I find that there is not a bad shot at such a thing - and just 14 pages, too! The report (PDF) is from UDAPE, which is a good source (mentioned here before, as I recall) for Bolivian government material on economics-related matters, and called (optimistically) La Hidrovía Paraná Paraguay: Una alternativa a los puertos del Pacifico

On p6a, it runs down the little local difficulties affecting navigation: map-work required (I'm not sure how far, and in what draught of vessel, goods may travel from Bolivian territory - I've no immediate intention of finding out!), but the signs are that there's a lot of work to be done! There are stretches which are navigable now, which do carry cargo, 500 sailings a month (p5a).

(That, I reckon, is me done, HPP-wise...)

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