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Monday, January 19, 2004

Hack rips Dem racism - but where's the back-up?

Regular readers will know that the inherent, life-long and (it seems) irremovable racism of the Party of Treason is something of a theme here. As well as the double-standards, anachronisms, other historical travesties and downright ignorance that goes with it.

So a piece (via Dean's World) by Jay Bryant (me, neither) on the theme, sparked by the withdrawal of no-hope presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun, is welcome.

This is typical:
White Republicans have no problem whatsoever voting for black Republicans, when they can find one to vote for. Black Democrats won't vote for a black Republican. White Democrats won't vote for a black Democrat. Which is the racist party?

Great! But where's the evidence? References? Even if the stuff isn't online, I'm assuming that there are journal articles that back that up - that enthusiasts can get to see at a pinch. (He's just not pulling this stuff out of his ass, is he?)

As it is, it's just a rant. Damn!

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