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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The grounds for that Britney annulment...

Placed in evidence by the esteemed Daniel Drezner (is my excuse...).

He links to Ms Britney Spears' annulment petition on Smoking Gun. Which raises one question in my mind: why is the stated ground for annulment not non-consummation?

Reason: non-consummation is not a ground for annulment of Nevadan marriages [1]! Not according to this, at least: Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 125 ยง320-350 (that's four sections in all - call it silver-fuelled inflation!) state the exclusive grounds as
  • lack of consent of parents for minors;

  • want of understanding;

  • fraud;

  • voidability in equity.

A warning to all tempted to combine a trip to Vegas with a little spontaneous matrimony for effect only: not shtupping the shmuck (or shmuck-ette) does not get you home free.

(Shouldn't there be some kind of Nevada State PSA to that effect at all the wedding-parlours?)

  1. Not in Nevada, at least. I'm no expert, but couldn't Britney get an annulment of the marriage in the state in which she's resident? Perhaps the Nevadan grounds would apply wherever she sued. I suspect she has lawyers that figure that stuff out...

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