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Friday, January 23, 2004

Foreign policy is double standards: Haass (almost)

You take what you can get with this sort of admission.

According to Reuter (January 23), in a piece on the Davos World Economic Forum [1],
Former senior U.S. State Department official Richard Haass, one of the architects of the campaign for democracy in the Middle East, said that campaign was an attempt to break with decades of hypocrisy in which it had treated Arab rulers as friends while turning a blind eye to their authoritarian nature.

"Foreign policy is in part about double standards. Foreign policy can be consistent in principles but sometimes you have to make choices... We don't have the luxury of 100 percent consistency," he said.

It's like Clinton saying, sax in hand, after the Monica thing broke, Hey, what can I say? I like girls. Get over it - I have...Yeah, honey, just right...Ooo, baby...

This should be the theme for the upcoming presidential campaign: getting candidates to embrace their inner hypocrite. And their outer one, natch...

  1. Skiing, Gl├╝hwein and top tottie, on expenses and with a straight face.

A Time piece on last year's Davos: how was it for Haass? Don't ask...

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