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Sunday, January 25, 2004

For want of a radio, six squaddies copped it...

A very long time ago - actually, on November 19 2002, to be precise - I flagged the serious problem of British Army procurement of communications systems. I had in mind mainly friendly fire incidents - blue on blue or fratricide - but mentioned the general problem with Army radio equipment.

Now, it seems, the six British soldiers can be attributable to radio failure - according to the London Observer today:
An army inquiry into the deaths of six British military policemen in Iraq last year has found that the men were unable to send a single radio message requesting assistance.

It points out that
Soldiers in the Gulf last year were using 25-year-old 'Clansman' radios because of delays in the introduction of new communication technology. Clansman radios are known as bulky, insecure and prone to failing because of their poor batteries.

Saint Tony Blair loves the one-handed ecstasy of starting these crusades - not so keen on paying for his crusaders to be properly equipped!

(What's puzzling me is: they had no radios, but presumably they had their weapons: why didn't they take a couple of dozen of the Arabushes with them?)

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