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Monday, January 26, 2004

Defensive school-boarding, again

Most recently seen here in the case of the white African-American (January 23).

This time, it's schools (AP January 24 - link via Joanne Jacobs) asking permission from students' parents before publishing an honor roll. Or, as in the case of Nashville, scrapping honor rolls altogether.

That other fine American institution, the spelling bee [1] is also under threat. And Principal Steven Baum of Julia Green Elementary in Nashville sounds like a Communist to me:
I discourage competitive games at school. They just don't fit my world view of what a school should be.

Where's HUAC where you need it?

Meanwhile, there's an outside chance that the Trial Lawyers of America may have their boy in the White House this time next year.

(Regular viewers of South Park will need no reminding of the tale of Sexual Harassment Panda and the splendid work done by one notable trial lawyer (Kyle's Dad) in nearly bankrupting the local school board.

Not so much a comedy, more a business plan. Do Trey Parker and Matt Stone get a cut of the lawyers' cut? D'you know, I reckon those boys need to see a trial lawyer, stat!)

  1. Recently celebrated on celluloid in Spellbound.

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