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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Countdown to Hutton

We're at H-7: the long-awaited Hutton Report into the David Kelly affair is due for publication next Wednesday, January 28.

The Hutton Inquiry site has (since I last looked) been updated to include documentary evidence referred to during the second, cross-examination, phase of proceedings (which now feel as if they took place around the end of the last Ice Age).

The Conservative Party have kindly provided a PDF crib-sheet (50 pages - everything is relative!) summarising its version of the points at issue, tying them in to evidence given to Hutton and including various, more or less incriminating, external statements.

To the extent it was there, knowledge about the Kelly doings was of the cramming for exams type: once the exam is over, it miraculously disappears!

The Hutton Report, it seems, will be in the 800-1,000 page rage. Resits! Goody...

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