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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Clinton impeachment, when Mark Steyn was funny...

Via Samizdata, some Steyn pieces that may not be long on his site.

A sample, dated January 25th 1999:
Finding myself under siege at Castle Monica, I decided to stay in and watch a film available on the hotel's adult video channel: White House Interns...I was gripped from start to finish. White House Interns is a minor masterpiece. The President is played superbly by Vince Voyeur (possibly not his real name), a dead ringer for Mr Clinton except in respect of his nipple ring and his distinguishing characteristics. When first we see him, the President is quizzing an intern immersed in paperwork. `It's budget fluctuations for the past three years,' she says.

`Well, the only thing fluctuating here is in my pants,' he replies. `Why don't we get out the Commander-in-Chief?'

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