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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Bolivia's seacoast claim: some interesting chatter

If the seacoast issue was live, or stood some chance of getting so some time this century, it would be causing a good dealing of salivation here.

But since (respectively) it's not, and it doesn't, pragmatism - the imminence of Hutton, for instance - dictates that all the good stuff be left to drift off.

An example [1] is a fascinating piece in El Diario Financiero of Santiago (January 20) by Jorge Martínez Busch (who is, though the wretched piece doesn't point this out, a retired Admiral and Senator - ie, he is the JMB, and not, say, the namesake son of same).

Most articles on the matter that are worth reading add one or two new wrinkles. Fittingly, the Admiral's are a couple of points on the law of the sea that baffle and fascinate in equal measure!

The whole salida al mar business is an international law degree in itself. Alas, the prospect of the work required to get on top of the Admiral's two points alone is enough (given the apparent hopelessness of the Bolivian effort even to get sovereignty negotiations going with Chile) is enough to show why more pressing matters will keep the issue on a rather crowded back-burner here.

  1. There are also several interesting-looking pieces in the current issue of Epoca - clicking the Todos los titulares link is the best way of getting at the goodness.

    The site of the other Bolivian mag, Pulso hasn't been updated this year, despite a message saying Volveremos el viernes 9 de enero de 2004.

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