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Friday, January 23, 2004

Bolivia: US sitting the seacoast issue out

According to an AP piece, quoting Phil Chicola of the State Department.

Another name for the list: officially, Chicola is Director of the Office of Andean Affairs in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. He generates 12 hits on the State search engine, most of which are phone lists. A couple of hundred on Google: mostly in relation to Colombia and other War on Drugs matters, by the look of it.
Vemos éste como un tema que Bolivia y Chile necesitan tratar, por lo menos en la concepción de un entendimiento sobre cómo desean resolverlo.

He's no fan of refighting old wars:
Indicó que Chile sostiene que "lo que ha ganado en la guerra, esos tres territorios le pertenecen".

And he shows a certain Rummyesque sense of humour:
"Comprendemos el problema boliviano", dijo Chicola. Pero indicó que ello no significaba endosar la vieja afirmación boliviana de que el país está en la pobreza debido a que no tiene salida al mar.

"Ello nos lleva a preguntarnos lo que pasó en Suiza", dijo.

Apart from the gag, entirely predictable. (An AP piece on Chicola's chat to CSIS on Andean matters generally.)

Meanwhile, the trades unions are apparently getting frisky - the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) are planning a general strike and blockades on the October pattern for just after carnival season (ie February 21-24), if their demands aren't met; and the planned referendum on the gas issue, due at the end of March, will be postponed till the end of April [1]. If the Revolution hasn't made it moot by then.

Will February 25 be Der Tag for the masses to make their move? I haven't the faintest clue.

  1. Three members of the Corte Nacional Electoral had resigned and needed to be replaced; and 90 days is needed to organise things properly.

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