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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Bolivia: the seacoast farce stumbles through another scene...

How many ways does Chile's President Ricardo Lagos have to say, No?

Detailed analysis of proceedings which, so far as I can tell, are bound - for reasons explained at some length in earlier pieces - to be fruitless would be equally fruitless. So, for the moment, I'll just do some bookmarking, just in case.

On the Bolivian side, from La Prensa this, this and this.

On the Chilean side, from El Mercurio, this and this.

And this Reuters piece says
Bolivia claims a strip of desert some 180 miles long on the Pacific Ocean that Chile seized in the 1879-83 War of the Pacific.

Which is news to me. So far as I'm aware, not even Man of the People Evo Morales has claimed more than a corridor to the sea.

The actual Bolivian claim is sufficiently out there - no need to goose it up!

[Quick question: do Reuters have a fact-checking department?]

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