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Friday, January 09, 2004

Bolivia: Chileans frosty on seacoast question

A brief note: as discussed yesterday, the Chileans seem willing to discuss Bolivia's problem, but the prospects for any cession of sovereignty seem remote.

For instance, a piece in El Mercurio (Santiago) quotes President Lagos as muddying the waters by referring to the need to bring Peru into any talks. (Despite the Chilean mantra that the issue is bilateral.):
Lagos mencionó antiguas propuestas para que Bolivia accediera al Pacífico mediante la concesión compensada de un pasadizo en el extremo norte chileno, junto al límite con el sur peruano.

Pero "eso ha fracasado porque Perú considera inadecuado que se utilicen (para la franja) territorios que en el pasado fueron de ellos", recordó el Presidente.

That was a new one on me.

The legislative branch is fully on board with the presidential line - this on Senate support - and even the head of the army, General Juan Emilio Cheyre, has been wheeled out to give his backing.

Much the same ground covered in a piece from La Prensa, and one from La Razón.

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