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Monday, January 26, 2004

And, mentioning editing on Big Media...

Via Atrios, an op-ed of mind-numbing triviality from Thomas Friedman.

If - as claimed (see January 11 piece) - the guy is really fluent in Arabic, he should be using these rare talents [1] for producing worthwhile analysis, not sophomoric druther-fests.

(Query: perhaps his NYT editors tell him, Write Messianic stuff, but go steady on the detail: give them the stirring stuff, but not too many als and els.)

My eye then drifts to the bottom of the page, which links a piece entitled When a Kleptocratic, Megaloman√Ľacal Dictator Goes Bad. It's behind the pay wall, but I go to the summary: same spelling.

Is this an allusion (it's not one I get)? Or a prank? Or a product of a can't be arsed culture than disdains the very idea of having a fact-checking department [2], even after the depredations of Jayson Blair?

There was apparently a lot of talk at the World Economic Forum at Davos about the threat that blogging poses for Big Media. Bloviation, most of it, I suspect. But the combination of regular [3] pisspoor performance and finger-in-the-eye arrogance will have a corrosive, rather than an explosive, effect on Big Media standing. The damage may not be apparent for a good long while.

  1. Rare in US journalism, I mean.

  2. Something last mentioned in relation to the infamous Judy Dean bus incident (January 21)

  3. Far from universal; there is certainly a lot of good stuff coming from Big Media.

Atrios quotes a commenter's 'haiku' on Friedman:
If we had some ham
We could have some ham and eggs
If we had some eggs.

What he said...

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