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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

And the Bush offspring...

Having flagged a New York Times piece on some of the Little League kids (January 4), it's only right to notice a WaPo piece (January 7) on the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara - an extract from a bio of Laura Bush by Ann Gerhart (who she?).

The tale is that Laura nearly lost the girls in pregnancy, and tried to insulate them from any special considerations arising from the fact that Daddy was Governor of Texas. And, in return, they've acted as spoilt brats.

There's a nice photo of the girls accompanying the piece: Jenna looks as if she's checking out the snapper, and Barbara about to unload a ton of bitch-bile about someone. (Per the caption, I'm picking the blonde (bottle, presumably) as Jenna.) They both look about seventeen.

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