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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Am I getting just the slightest bit interested in '04?


A couple of pieces in the New York Times today: a 7,000 word piece about the Little League and defence and foreign policy - with historical perspective laid on with a trowel - from James Traub. I'm not sure - having to date abstained from giving any significant amount of attention to the Democratic presidential candidates in general or their respective foreign policy stances in particular - whether anything is new or striking.

There is a wacky Photoshopped pic of a pilot with a donkey's head, which scores not only for the USS Lincoln reference, but also as a PSA reminding us all to consider what else in our day's reading might have been faked - in Jayson Blair's Gray Lady and elsewhere.

Also in the Times is a photo piece ( tiny photos online, dammit!) featuring various Little League offspring. One expects nothing with such things, natch - but it seems to this photo novice that two are worth keeping: one of Vanessa and Alex Kerry, who are quite cute (and the cuter for not obviously having had work done), a nice-looking and sensibly-sized dog in a reasonably scruffy bedroom - and the girls look intensely into the camera (the blonde with a hint of bluestocking about her, the brunette lying - a tad louchely - barefoot on the bed) and grab the viewer's attention. (By, no doubt, deliberate contrast, the dog clearly does not give a monkey's.)

And an even smaller pic of John Edward's kids - the two little ones (adorable but not Disneyfied) waving their arms in the attitude of legislators rising to make a point of order whilst Cate, the 21 year old, sits with a pained expression on her face, as if about to make a point about birth control...

Which is an excuse to flag the fact that photojournalism - photos that stand up as photos and tell a story (rather than merely being glorified mug-shots) - seems to be even less present on online media than in the dead-tree equivalent. (For instance, for very good reasons of speed of loading, the news and features pages on the Guardian site are text only.) Is there some kind of copyright issue arising that means - for example - that the Times photos of the candidates' kids are such small files?

Sites looking for a USP for 2004, please note...

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