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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Where's, Lt-Col al-Dabbagh?

The aptly named Con Coughlin - more conned than conning, perhaps? - is still churning out stuff for the Telegraph (last Sunday's gobbet) on matters Iraq and Al Qaeda without the remotest acknowledgement that his previous efforts - revealing the afore-mentioned Dabbagh as the source of the famous 45 minutes WMD intelligence (December 10) and the Mohamed Atta-Iraq connection (December 19) - have proved holier than Swiss cheese.

Needless to say, the interest in the grown-up media to keep the story (about Coughlin's lack of story) going is limited.

Meanwhile, according to Google News, al-Dabbagh has had his fifteen minutes and stolen away to obscurity - on a camel, perhaps, to match the implausibility of his Boswell's tale - nothing on dabbagh colonel since December 16.

And we await with interest the Con-Man's next contribution to the sum of human knowledge.

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