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Thursday, December 04, 2003

How to break into movies - the Italian for chutzpah

A neat example of winning through losing: a passably cute (according to the corny-but-sassy photo in the NY Times piece) NYU film student, Paula Carmicino, has been having a bit of fun at the stuffed shirts' expense.

For a piece of coursework, she proposed to make a video with
30-second clips of passionate sex with scenes of the couple engaged in more mundane activities, like watching television and reading a newspaper.

And she would settle for nothing less than hard-core - her powers of persuasion ran so far as to find
found two actor friends willing to have sex on camera in front of the class.

Her professor approved, and the project was ready to go when it got nixed by the administration when
the professor thought he should double-check with the administration

According to a piece in the Washington Square News, this happened just four days before the planned date for shooting - how many days exactly was it between the prof giving his approval and going upstairs to cover his ass?

The upshot, of course, is that the struggling director-to-be (she's only a junior, apparently) has had thousands of dollars of free publicity, and established what I suspect is a pretty marketable profile - her WSN pic has a definite James Dean, don't mess with me feel about it. (I suspect she's got an agent already.)

Will some generous studio volunteer the facilities to make her banned opus, to shlep round the festivals and get on the chat shows? Is the Pope Catholic?

(The WSN editorial is distinctly non-confrontational: no stirring defence of academic freedom. Is that a surprise?)

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