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Friday, December 12, 2003

Germans shed sackcloth on Holocaust, according to study

But how fresh is the story?

Of respondents to a survey by Bielefeld University (Reuter December 12),
69.9% were irritated at still being held responsible today for crimes against Jews.

A quarter of 3,000 people surveyed also agreed with the statement: "Many Jews try to use Germany's Third Reich past to their advantage and want to make Germans pay for it." A further 30% said there was "some truth" to the statement.

The piece says that
German parliamentary president, Wolfgang Thierse, said he understood why so many people wanted to shed guilt for what happened before they were born.

As well as the Guardian, there is more or less the same piece in Ha'aretz (December 12).

But - a Jewish Telegraphic Agency piece of November 16 on the case of CDU deputy Martin Hohmann includes the following graf:
In November 2002, Bielefeld University released a study showing that 22 percent of Germans agreed without reservation that “many Jews try to take advantage today of the history of the Third Reich, and the Germans pay for this.” In all, as many as 80 percent of respondents agreed to some degree with the statement.

Is that the same survey, or does Bielefeld University do one every year around this time? If so, surely the kind thing to do for the linguistically challenged - not to mention those who might think that tracking these things down was the hack's job - would have been to make this clear?

(My German is not up to a trawl for the original material - so there the matter rests.)

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