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Sunday, December 14, 2003

The editor who doesn't read newspapers...

Strictly in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not pile: the Sierra College Outlook, the college rag that printed a letter saying
"the majority of Sierra College girls are insecure" and that many choose to dye their hair, smoke to look cool and are prone "to having a cell phone stuck to their ear, (and) talking in a stuck-up manner," created a firestorm as some called for a retraction or apology for publishing the column,
has a new editor - and a girl, to boot! Namely, Leona Scanlan.

Ms Scanlan has the merits for an editor of being appallingly frank - in the Stanley Baldwin sense: she says
I wore my grungies
when the TV cameras came sniffing after dirt after the letter was published.

And - more germanely - confesses that she
doesn't really read newspapers or watch TV, preferring National Public Radio and KVMR-FM, a listener-supported station in Nevada City.

Amazingly in these modern times, no mention whatsoever of the net!

It's as if Halls of Ivy never went on hiatus [1]!

There's a kicker: the hack naturally asks the Ed about the infamous letter:
Scanlan, a part-time nanny, said she actually agreed with some parts of the article when she first read it. "I knew what [the writer] meant," she said, comparing the bucolic qualities of the Nevada County campus to the more urban Rocklin compound. "Girls can be really catty down there."

With stories every day figuring American campuses as one big ice-house, speech-wise, it's great to see some plain, down-home speaking. She might even be sound on affirmative action.

But, then, we cannot ask for miracles...

  1. British readers may remember the show as one of the first to be shown after the start-up of daytime TV in the mid-70s. Ronald Coleman not so much Prisoner of Zenda, more customer of Stannah.

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