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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dabbagh's looking flakier by the hour

[Follows up earlier piece.]

No press pack, ergo no story is not exactly an iron law of news. But, failing actual proof of the veracity of a story, to get at least one piece from each of the main wires is corroboration that one is at least dealing with a common delusion.

Not even much of a blog pack, so far as I can tell.

A couple of pieces, though, I've yet to mention:

The first, from the London Independent (December 8) and datelined Baghdad, says that
Officials within the Iraqi occupation authorities are puzzling over
the story.

It also reveals that Lt-Col al-Dabbagh's concern about his own security has gone to lengths of getting himself interviewed by NBC! (Perhaps not on camera.) Apparently NBC did not mention (but the UK's ITV News Channel did) two further difficulties with his story.

The first:
...the colonel was asked by NBC's Baghdad correspondent why he was so sure that these were chemical or biological weapons. His reply suggests that he was not, in fact, sure at all.

"We cannot determine exactly, but the procedures taken show that these were indeed WMD," he said. "It might have been chemical or biological but it was definitely unconventional weapons."

Oh dear!

And the second:
the colonel says: "The instructions from Saddam were clear. When you get to a critical point where the survival of the country is at stake then you can use these weapons. All weapons starting from the common knife all the way up to nuclear weapons can be used.That was the instruction." As it has long been known that Iraq's armed forces did not possess nuclear weapons, this raises further doubts about the unnamed "colonel's" credibility.

Oh dear, oh dear!

The other piece in the London Daily Mail (December 8) suggests that the Huttton Inquiry could be reopened in the light of Dabbagh's 'evidence'.

'Tis the season for fantasy blockbusters...I'm dreaming on.

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