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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

At last, some meat in '04 election coverage

Most days, the excellent The Note is a pretty quick scroll, as the names of the Little League pass through the field of vision like station names seen through the window of an express train.

Nine candidates is dumb to the power of a zillion; even the Confederate flag fiasco got old PDQ.

Occasionally, there's something of substance: as with a New York Times piece (December 2) which looks at the post-census Electoral College. If GOP and Dem presidential candidates in '04 win the same states as Bush and Gore, the margin in the College would widen from 5 to 12 votes, all other things being equal.

But, the piece points out, they're not equal. Population has shifted, immigrants have provided new citizens, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, it's the barest sample of the analysis being done by the candidates right now: were that the column-inches wasted on that bloody flag had been devoted to actual information like this!

Heigh ho...

(I'm reminded of the style of Samuel Lubell's Future of American Politics, many times mentioned here: in the sense that what it provides is good and meaty, but to be able to get into the underlying numbers would be so much better.)

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