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Saturday, November 01, 2003

WaPo's Dana Priest: a serious babe!

I'd read umpteen pages of her stuff without realising it; but the transcript of an online chat - exceptionally, with accompanying photo - put me wise: unless the camera is lying on an epic scale, the woman is gorgeous. (Having had good cause to slag off her profession on numerous occasions here, I think it only right to pay a compliment where it's due!)

It's a great photo: movie stars take so many bad snaps, and this is just a casual, passport-sized job. Yet, blow it up and everything is exactly right: the hair not too tidy (accentuating mind-on-the-job, negativing vanity), striking green (hazel?) eyes looking just slightly away from the camera (grabbing the viewer whilst avoiding passport-photo stare), the beginnings of a smile.

Clearly, the woman should be on TV - and, according to the Washingtonian, she is, working for NBC whilst keeping her old job.

And a sense of humour: to a boilerplate question, she (I'm thinking) deadpans
I barely watch TV.
(The chat transcript has more in the same vein.)

She's 46 (or possibly 47 by now), married with two children. And, by her photo, she's hot.

Just for the record.

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