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Friday, November 28, 2003

Sense and nonsense from the Golden State

I get the feeling that Maria Shriver may do California good - to judge from her first (solo) appearance as the state's First Lady.

Apparently asked about the budget cuts the Governator is proposing, she doesn't have conniptions, play the housewife or clam up:
Nobody likes the cuts. Arnold doesn't like the cuts. There is nobody that takes joy in that. I think we hope California can come back and that one will be able to put money into programs in the future, but that's not the case right now. Is that painful? Yes.

Pitched just about right: moderately sympathetic but firm, no specifics; gets her word for the man right (not the Governor or my husband or swerving to avoid using any word) - Arnold is dignified, is his actual name and might even be what she calls him at home!

And she comes off as a not-Hillary, by accident or design.

From the completely Californicated column comes a memo
apparently written by Joe Sandoval, division manager for purchasing and contract services in the Internal Services Department at the County of Los Angeles
to computer vendors which says that
the standard designation used for connecting two disk drives to a single IDE port, which entails setting one drive as a "master" and the second as a "slave" drive, is an example of equipment labelling that may be "construed as offensive or defamatory in nature".

Consider the amount of brainwashing - or, perhaps, diversity training - it takes to fashion a (for want of a better word) mind that could come up with such garbage. That's jumping Jim Crow with a Fosbury flop!

(Optimists might decide that the memo was a joke, a satire on PC mania and journalists' gullibility - and that, like the Onion spoof that was taken seriously by some Peking rag, the po-faced gentlemen of the American media have jumped, as predicted, to conclusions informed by their several prejudices. A quick check on Google News just now suggests that, if it was a joke, the po-faces have yet to admit it.)

AP yesterday gives a little background:
In May, a black employee of the Probation Department filed a discrimination complaint with the county Office of Affirmative Action Compliance after noticing the words on a videotape machine.

"This individual felt that it was offensive and inappropriate ... given the experiences that this country has gone through in respect to slavery," office director Dennis A. Tafoya said.

The issue was solved by putting tape over the labels and replacing "master" and "slave" with "primary" and "secondary," Tafoya said.

Reeks of Jesse Jackson-style shakedown to me! For the benefit of avoiding a multimillion dollar class action - not to mention ranting remotes on the local TV news from candidate Al Sharpton - you too would be happy to roll your eyes, shuffle and mumble Yassir! like Stepin Fetchit...

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