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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Senate's Venezuela aid manoeuvre makes State Dept briefing, but...

Nobody in the Grownup Media (ha!) seems remotely interested in the story [1] (my piece yesterday).

But the US Senate's amendment to the foreign operations bill HR 2800, which requires most US aid to Venezuela to be cut if State certifies that it is helping the FARC and the ELN operate on the Venezuelan side of the border with Colombia, has made it to the briefing (Adam Ereli deputising for Richard Boucher, I assume it still is):

Ereli was asked whether he had any more information: he said he hadn't, but
Let me look and see if there's something I can get for you.

Once again, the charmed circle closes ranks. Damn!

  1. On "state department" colombia venezuela on Google News, the latest item right now is: October 30!

UPDATE (November 8)

The Venezuelan Ambassador to the US has written, presumably to Colin Powell, a nice letter asking that §687 of HR 2800 be dropped.

Other stuff from Caracas is not so polite: an opposition commentator in Venezuela, one Nelson Bocaranda Sardi, has sounded off against three members of the US Congressional Venezuelan Caucus - William Delahunt, Gregory Meeks and Cass Ballenger:
Their (Congressional) colleagues call them 'the 3 Stooges' because they go around in circles and make out as though they understand Spanish, even though they don't speak the language and put on a face as though they have succeeded in getting through to President Chavez Frias ... that he's a democrat and will continue to do business with the USA.

Laugh? I thought I'd never start.

Meanwhile both the US media and State continue apparently uninterested in §687.

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