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Monday, November 24, 2003

Jessica Lynch: even WaPo ombudsman flags deafening silence on the fake Miss Rambo story

The relatively recent spread of the ombudsman in (certain reaches of) US journalism is, of course, a welcome opportunity for the worst excesses to be highlighted. And, today, WaPo's Michael Getler tartly commented on the paper lack of comment about the Pentagon-fed fantasy it ran about Pfc Jessica Lynch's war-comic exploits against the Iraqi enemy prior to her capture in the light of her comments on the matter in her Diane Sawyer interview broadcast a few days ago:
The Post, which catapulted Lynch and the original story of her capture onto the world stage, has exhibited rather little interest in this last on-the-record phase of the story. Readers have noticed.

And he quotes a reader on the matter thus:
Given the Post's starring role in perpetuating the myth, its reporters and editors should have been the first to run a front-page interview with Jessica about her disgust at being used by the media and the military for their own cynical ends. The Post ought to have also done some top-notch, multi-story investigative reporting on who concocted this hoax and how they were able to hoodwink the public with it through the national media.

When last I referred to the Lynch case - on Armistice Day, November 11, as it happens - I mentioned the apparent extreme reluctance of the War Party to acknowledge the USG fraud that the WaPo gleefully splashed, and the impact it had on the American public.

Getler will do a considerable service if he keeps this matter alive.

[It would, of course, be a cheap shot at this point to refer to the false financial statements admittedly filed with the SEC by Conrad Black's Hollinger International Inc - purveyor, through the organs it owns, of a stream of propaganda supporting the PNAC-NSS-Likud strategy - and thereby suggest by innuendo that such falsity tainted the generality of the group's journalistic output. That would be to descend to the level of War Party hacks - and certain famous bloggers, too - who, for instance, leap on any report of corporate misdeeds in Europe as an indication of generalised moral degeneracy on le Vieux Continent.

My sense, from a little light searching, is that leading War Party bloggers have been singularly unforthcoming on the Hollinger affair. A matter to be kept under review, I think.]


No play-by-play here on Hollinger: but, since the URLs are to hand, interesting pieces on the substance here, here and here.

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