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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A couple of gems from the War Party

I miss the genuine, rootin'-tootin' Rummygram of yesteryear. Yestermonth, then. He was the Max Miller of world domination.

(Remember [1] when he told Tony Blair that his services weren't required for the Iraq caper? Laugh? I thought I'd never start...)

But there's still some fairly good stuff about.

For instance, in the LA Times today [2], Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack Jr., commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, is sounding mad as hell - in the Peter Finch sense - when he says
This is war. We're going to use a sledgehammer to crush a walnut. We're not going to prosecute this war holding one hand behind our back, we're going to use enough in our arsenal to win this fight.

Now, I suspect that that running off at mouth was duly authorised from the Pentagon in triplicate - much as Rummy was nowhere near the loose cannon friends and enemies alike made out he was.

A bit more John Wayne and a bit less Gary Cooper, one can hear the boss saying.

Strangely, the Age dishes up the sledgehammer line in the head, whereas RoboPinko, whose last-minute choreographed gropee eruption just before the Schwarzenegger walkover did not go unnoticed, does not. Is this the fruit of the policy - there is a memo online, but I'm not looking for it! - laid down by LAT editors for the rag not to look too biased towards the liberal end of things?

Meanwhile, back in the Mother Country, former Bush speechwriter David Frum has been putting himself about, in print and on the radio. He has a book to plug.

This afternoon [3], in ebullient mood, he said he'd been out and about in London the previous night talking to demonstrators on the street. He challenged one knot of Trots about what they wanted for the Middle East, and they said (he said) they wanted to get the feudal and autocratic regimes out, and replace them with them with democracies.

"Wow! I said. Do you know you sound just like Paul Wolfowitz?" [4]

Collapse of Stout Commie, I think we were meant to infer: slam-dunk for the Good Guys, Semper Fi and so on.

But would Wolfowitz really appreciate the assimilation with a bunch of Reds, standing shoulder to shoulder with them on theloonie fringe?

(Frum, whose fortunes I can't say I've followed, seems to be a cottage-industry controversialist, stirring on the neos versus paleos controversy and engaging in a bizarre spat with an ex-gossip columnist called Taki.

A right-wing Al Franken, perhaps? Where's Margaret Mead when you need her...)

  1. My piece of March 12. Next door to a piece on Rep James Moran - now there's a blast from the past!

  2. Or try here - Melbourne Age.

  3. On the Radio 5 Simon Mayo Show.

  4. There's no transcript, so this is an approximation. But it only works as a punchline (to the extent it works at all) in quotes.


Was Frum really fired as Bush speechwriter, as the Guardian (February 27 2002) alleged?

And, since the URL is to hand, I'll note a piece from this March on the anti-Likud = anti-semite line, of which Frum is apparently a passionate proselytiser, by Justin Raimondi.

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