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Friday, November 07, 2003

Bolivia: a lynching

In a piece on October 21, I looked at the possibility of their being something of a lynching culture in Bolivia. There was some evidence online, but inconclusive.

Now, we have a report in OpiniĆ³n of Cochabamba (November 7) of the lynching of four men near Quillacollo - which is near Cochabamba City - who had attacked a man and two women to steal their trufi - or minibus.

The story of the attempted robbery is by the by: the upshot was that the robbers found themselves in the hands of a group of drunken peasants from the village of Caramarca who, it seemed, stoned the men to death and, when the police caught up with them, were planning to burn the bodies, having amassed a crowd of some 200 to witness the scene.

By some strange chance, it seems that the crowd, including the lynchers, were able to disperse without any being captured by the police.

There's a fair amount more detail in the piece (some of which may even be accurate!). It was the apparent fact of an actual lynching, though, that caught my eye.

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