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Thursday, November 13, 2003

And they say there's no Jewish conspiracy!

Now, I don't know Howard Altman from a hole in the ground. (He's the top guy at the less than august Philadelphia City Paper - which might explain it!) So have your pinch (or more) of salt ready.

But - Altman says [1] he was asked by the Anti-Defamation League to spy for them [2]. On some conference on reparations. (And not the IG Farben kind.) And his response?
Basically, I tell him to yentz.

I don't have my Leo Rosten Joys of Yinglish to hand, but I'm pretty certain he said no!

Altman's shocked reaction, as described, suggests that this was the first time the ADL had suggested a little moonlighted on its behalf to him. But it's not clear whether this was a unique exercise of personal initiative by Barry Morrison, or something closer to an organisational habit.

How many other journos have been invited by the ADL to spy for them in this way? And what about other organisations of all kinds? Perhaps this sort of thing is so standard a practice amongst hacks as never to be remarked on - not where we suckers can overhear, at least.

(I believe it's not unheard of for journos operating overseas to swop reminiscences with friendly local CIA operatives. But then, that would be for the Red, White and Blue...)

  1. It's a screwy URL - like the NY Observer. Latecomers will have to rummage in the PCP archive.

  2. And Altman is not afraid to name names: the guilty party, it seems, was
    Barry Morrison, executive director of the Philadelphia branch....

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