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Thursday, November 13, 2003

And now the self-hating rabbis!

Perhaps they're European - and therefore antisemites by definition. But, it seems, a group of solid Israeli citizens working on necessary measures of pest control against the Arabushes infesting Ain Abbus [1] are being impeded in their work by a bunch of self-haters called Rabbis for Human Rights.

(Why should a group concerned with human rights be worrying about Arabushes at all, you may ask?)

Now, RfHR are, it seems, a well-known bunch of Arabush-lovers - supported by the scarcely-Likudnik Ford Foundation, it seems. But even the committee of Yesha rabbis - the settlers' own rabbis! [2] - reportedly came out against the practice of eradicating olive-trees with a view to cleansing their owners.

At this rate, self-hating will soon be endemic amongst Israeli Jews. Further comment is surely superfluous.

  1. Also spelt Ainabus and Ein Abas: American Prospect November 6 has a nice quote from the side of Truth and Justice:
    A spokesman for the settlers told The Jerusalem Post that they have no idea who destroyed the orchard, but that "when the Arabs creep close to the community for the harvest it becomes a security problem. We are very happy that from now on they will not be able to approach too close." He added that the trees will grow back, and that the settlers hope to harvest the next crop of olives -- which will likely be almost a decade from now -- because they believe they will be the only remaining inhabitants of the area.
    I suspect the spokesman had a Rummy-style smile on his face when he said that!

    (It's a process once associated with slum landlord Peter Rachman under the name of winkling.)

  2. Yesha refers to the settlements, apparently.

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