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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

WaPo censoring cartoons now! Implications?

At one level it's a nothing story [1] - WaPo passes on one week's syndicated cartoon strip . viz, The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder. According to his bio (I don't know the guy from Adam), it's
the story of a group of African-American city kids adjusting to life in white suburbia. Combining childhood antics with contemporary political and social satire, the strip explores the terrain where dashikis and Brand Nubian CDs meet The Gap and Hanson.

The latest strip has one such kid saying to another that the way to save the world is to find Condoleezza Rice a boyfriend.

I can't say I've given Rice's sex life, or its impact on world affairs, more than zero second's contemplation. Perhaps it's been all over the Enquirer - if so, it hasn't registered with me.

Does Rice have time to care? Perhaps she might be open to offers - who knows?

Pols have to pretend to have a sense of humour, whether they have one or not. What retaliation could possibly be expected from the White House if the strip had been run? Rice doesn't strike me as a professional spinster: if the hacks joshed with her, I suspect she'd josh right back.

Yet WaPo treats her like some stereotypical neurotic Southern belle, fan a-flutter, smelling-salts at the ready. Acting not to squash the strip (it was always going to be out there) but creepily to disassociate the rag from it.

Why? It's as inexplicable as the Valerie Plame leak: it only serves to bring to mind the altogether more salacious image of a large and eager tongue emerging from the Post bound for Ms Rice's rear end...

  1. From Romanesko.

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