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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

New York Observer does it again!

Sridhar Pappu's piece [1] on the new editor of the New York Daily News, Martin Dunn [2] says he
called for a "newsroom without walls."

For some reason, I thought of the captain of Bob Newhart's USS Codfish:
...looking back on the mutiny, I think a lot of the trouble stemmed from the fact that you men weren't coming to me with your problems... as I told you, the door to my office is always open. I think you know why it's always open -- that was stolen, I'd like that returned.

Unlike this sketch , I don't think much of early 60s Newhart is online.

[Yet another tip from the indispensable Romanesko.]

  1. Another damned dynamic link!

  2. Who? Might be the 'shine from across the street for all I know...

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