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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

New Republic Minister of Truth to wed

And a nice Jewish girl, to boot!

Fresh from legislating that, henceforth, no content will appear in his rag that is in any way offensive (piece of October 21), Peter Beinart, overlord - I nearly said F├╝hrer - of the Republic is to marry a tax attorney called Diana Hartstein, according to that fruitful source of unlikely nuggets, the New York Observer [1].

The Observer's Anna Jane Grossman says it'll be a Sephardic ceremony . Oh, and the bride is a serious babe. (She makes no comment on Beinart's qualities as an amatory companion: does that mean he's a complete dog, or am I reading too much into it?)

The Plawg's best wishes to them both: and may he take his conjugal duties so seriously as to foreclose his career in journalism, thus permitting the Republic to jettison his milquetoast pussy-footing offend no one policy, and get onto some real journalism.

(Is Beinart a Jew [2]? And why do I feel I (or, should I say, even I?) needed the cover of the Jewish wedding with Ms Hartstein to ask the question? A demonstration of just how poisonous the Beinart Doctrine really is!)

  1. Dynamic link: go to Google cache if not there.

  2. I'm the guy who didn't realise that Rachel in Friends - surname Green - was a Jew until it was pointed out. Not an area to make guesses! Except - with Hartstein, I'm prepared to go out on a limb...

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