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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Kenya rape shakedown: more wheels come off the wagon

The case of the 650 Kenyan women claiming compensation for having supposedly been raped by British soldiers on exercise in the country - mentioned here first on September 27 - is losing credibility by the day, according to a piece in the Guardian today.

It seems that the editors stumped the cash for one of their hacks to do some nosing about. The findings:
  • At least some of the children presented as being conceived in rapes carried out by British soldiers are allegedly the offspring of local prostitutes.

  • Hospital records seen by the Guardian which form part of the evidence appear to have been forged. British investigators have already concluded that all police records supporting the claims are forgeries.

  • The head of a pressure group called Impact (the Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict), which is involved in the case, has admitted that he was only aware of three allegations of rape within the Masai community in Dol Dol in recent memory - yet more than 200 allegations have now been collected from the area since the arrival of British lawyers in 2000.

Oh dear, oh dear! The lawyer, Martyn Day, who is organising the effort to screw the compo from HMG, when presented with the hack's findings, is quoted as saying
The issues you have raised are very serious indeed, and we will have to investigate them immediately. We have to be absolutely clear we are working with people we trust. Without that, the whole thing starts to fall apart.

No kidding... The piece goes on
..Mr Day maintained that "there has been an epidemic of rape in central Kenya".

Possibly. But by British servicemen?

Quite why it has taken a Guardian hack to dig out this stuff is not clear. HMG are not entirely lying back and thinking of England, since it was a UK military police team whose findings that police records in these cases were forgeries were the substance of the earlier story.

But piquant indeed that the old home of those who apologised for Africans (especially the likes of Kenyatta, Nkrumah, Kuanda, Banda, Obote and Moi) and their crimes on principle should be ferreting out the Kenyan fraudsters' knavish tricks on behalf of the Crown!

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