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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Joe Wilson's personal mission to destroy the neocons - have we a second source?

War Party bloggers are quoting the following gotcha from Joseph Wilson (husband of outed CIA official Valerie Plame and, by some, Charles Murphy, Tom Pendergast, Edward Crump and Frank Hague rolled up in one):
Neo-conservatives and religious conservatives have hijacked this administration, and I consider myself on a personal mission to destroy both.

My question: when, where, to whom exactly did he say this?

So far as I can see, the material online takes up back no further than a piece in the Washington Times by one Helle Dale (October 1). Not a hint of any of the five Ws about her quotation. Not the slightest hint of a sniff of anything one could possibly call corroboration [1].

(A quality intro to the quote from that doyen of American journalism, WorldNetDaily:
In recent days, he has been quoted in multiple places as saying...
The concept of taking in each other's washing evidently yet to penetrate his quadrant of cyberspace.)

Where did the quote come from? One has a lingering belief that, in such a case as this, even a hack writing for the Washington Times wouldn't actually make the thing up out of her own head, Jayson Blair-style.

If it's a lie, why doesn't he sue, I hear you ask. Is Wilson a public figure within New York Times v Sullivan? Even if he could sue - and assuming the statement to be libellous - he might well think that now wasn't the time. As corroboration that he said what the WashTimes said he said, the fact he hasn't issued a writ is weak to useless.

And anti-war types might not be disposed to question the quote - after all, they endorse the sentiment.

My guess is, it's gossip: Ms Helle Dale didn't hear him say it, she was told. By a source. Story hits buffers: end of story.

Journos, dontcha love 'em...

  1. All the items the quote throws up in regular Google are blogs or similar. As far as the grownup media is concerned a Google news search throws up a John Podhorertz piece in the New York Post (October 3), but that's it.

    Methinks they suspect the quote is a crock...

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