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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

California State Assembly: worst website in the world?

There is a piece in the New York Times - which will shortly be snatched into the pay-only laager, so is scarcely worth linking - bastards! - which promises a revenge Dem bill to make recalls harder.

I want to check the state of the CA Assembly to see whether Arnie's veto will stick. I go to Google - natch, and struggle. 1998 results, fine; 2202 results, yes, but San Diego County only!

Brainwave! I try the California State Assembly site. Nada. Let me tell you guys, the most important thing in the game is the score - in this case, how many Dems and how many GOP - and that is nowhere to be found. There is not even a webmaster email for me to point this out. These guys are due an Arnie fisting, and light on the lube!

There is, glory be, salvation in a page where some prescient individual - Pulitzer over here, please! - has recorded the state of the parties in each house in every state legislature. It can be done...

(The numbers shown are 48-32 and 26-14, by the way - if these are right, and they vote on party lines, close but no cigar on overturning an Arnie veto - Article 4 ยง10 of the Constitution.)

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