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Friday, October 24, 2003

Bolivia: screeds of the left deserve a look

There is plenty of online agitprop from unreconstructed Marxists of one groupuscule or another churned out as if it were still 1968 and revolution in the West was still possible [1]. It's a genre I normally avoid.

But, in attempting to acquire an understanding of the Bolivian situation, there may well be useful material on far-ish left sites. A couple of examples:

On the Rebelión site, a piece entitled Etnogénesis y estratogénesis del movimiento social boliviano, which, despite the pretentious title, offers what seems to me a useful explanation of the genesis of the two distinct groups currently led by Evo Morales and Felipe Quispe.

And a piece on the same site by Eduardo Galeano, historical guru of the Latin American poor [2], with more historical background.

There's an interview (October 23) with Quispe. He really hates Morales - calling him un burro que no sabe nada. He's making out that Morales is the sell-out, whereas he's the real revolutionary McCoy. (He was a terrorist/guerrilla/freedom-fighter once.)

But a piece entitled Revolución Boliviana: terminó el primer round from the Partito Obrero site, from Argentina - currently showing a thumbnail GIF of a front page with a 48 point head Peones de Bush [3] - condemns both the Morales and the Quispe strain of revolt: both are concerned with installing some species of democracy - which is the enemy of revolution.

[A caveat lector for all this stuff would imply that there was some stuff - the offence-free material now on offer at Peter Beinart's kinder, gentler, New Republic [4], for instance - that the reader could safely swallow whole, without the application of any editorial process whatever [5].]

  1. I've a book somewhere from c1970 by Tariq Ali - rabid Trot turned respectable - canvassing the possibility of Red Revolution in Britain. Silly twisted boy...

  2. A 2000 interview with Atlantic Monthly.

  3. My guess is some kind of Trot outfit. But I suck at groupuscular decoding.

  4. I checked, in an idle moment to see if Beinartwatch was taken, web-wise. Mr Google drew a blank. Someone should be watching...

  5. Certainly, it often seems that pieces have gone through no such process at the production end...

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