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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Will Bustamante be sunk by Indian giving?

I can't say I've followed the ins and outs. But it does seem that a little of that rare commodity in politics, justice, is being meted out to MEChA man Cruz Bustamante, the Dems' bright, occidental star now apparently slowly sinking in the West.

According to the Sacramento Bee (September 27), a judge has
...ordered Lt. Gov. Cruz prove that he tried in earnest to cancel television ad contracts and return money for the recall campaign that he collected in violation of the state's campaign finance laws.

If state Sen. Ross Johnson, who filed the original lawsuit against Bustamante, is not satisfied that he made a good-faith effort to comply with the order, the judge wrote, Johnson may seek contempt charges.

At issue, it seems, is the trifling sum of $3.8m most of it provided by Indian tribes in recognition of his sterling services as a sort of universal blood-brother [1]. The judge found the contributions were illegal, but Cruz said he'd spent the cash on TV spots. In what seems amazing forbearance, instead of being dispatched to Pelican Bay for an intensive course in gang rape (as prescribed by Dem buddy and champion of jailhouse justice, Bill Lockyer [2]), he's been allowed (in effect) to keep the money! But only so far as he shows he did his best to cancel the spots once the judge had ruled the Indian money was illegal.

Meanwhile the polls (the CNN poll over the weekend, at least) are showing Cruz well beaten by Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite the fact the GOP vote is split - and the second GOP man, Tom McClintock not far from pushing the barrio boy into third place.

I feel a remake of Mr Smith Goes To Washington coming on - but who could possibly play Arnie?

  1. The latest legislative shakedown attempt by the tribes - to get a veto on the development of so-called Traditional Tribal Cultural Sites - I mentioned in a piece on September 13.

  2. And at least one Bay State Dem loves that inmate retribution, too.

UPDATE (October 1)

There's a nice little WaPo piece today on the Golden State Indians, and their fast-growing status as the Octopus of the 21st century: for the Southern Pacific, it was public lands, for the Indians, it's the casinos, of course.

Just for the recall alone, they've given $11m out of $66m spent, it seems - chickenfeed compared to their (untaxed) casino cash flow of around $5bn. And - as the piece has it -
Bustamante is the Indians' go-to guy in Sacramento

When he sees dancing feathers approaching his office, Cruz assumes the position (he knows there'll be heap big heap of wampum in it for him) - but it's the patient California taxpayer who gets screwed!

And guess who's on the tribes' casino payroll? None other than
younger brother, Andrew Bustamante, who is the general manager of the casino near Fresno owned by the Big Sandy Rancheria of Mono Indians.

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