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Sunday, September 14, 2003

UK Intelligence Machinery - some interesting links

First, a lengthy summary (400K of HTML) - with historical detail - from the Information Clearing House (Part 1 and Part 2) - I've barely scanned it, but what I've seen gives reason to hope - caveat maxime lector as ever!

Second, on the official side, the 2003 report (PDF) of the Cabinet Office - a sort of extension to Number 10 whose functions include that of intelligence coordination. The Joint Intelligence Committee (chaired by friend of the blog Sir (?) John Scarlett) comes under its aegis [1]. (At the back - p43a - is a table showing that the total spend on the UK security and intelligence agencies comes to around $1.5bn a year. Value for money or what?)

  1. A pretty little organisation chart (p12a) shows Scarlett as Head of the International and Security Secretariat (ISS) within the CO. The work of the ISS (including the JIC) - and the Defence and Overseas Secretariat (DOS) under Sir David Manning (another name in the Hutton frame) - is described at pp28-29a.

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