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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

More enlightenment from the Hutton emails...

Just a couple of examples, neither of which seem to have been picked up by the (I laughingly call) grownup media.

The first from Joanna Nadin - a Number 10 Special Adviser [1] - making contributions effectively above [her] pay grade I suspect:
From : Joanna Nadin Sent : 18 September 2002 14 42

To : Alastair Campbell Subject : intelligence

Another point 1 have just thought of -when it mentions "intelligence" -what exactly are they talking about?

Do they mean our people in Iraq (if there are any), do they mean defectors?

Saying "intelligence suggests that this factory has probably been rebuilt" is not entirely convincing -especially if you do not know what "intelligence" is .

I think it needs to make clear to whatever extent it can (there are restrictions I am sure) how good these sources are. No-one outside Whitehall will know.

Did Alastair take the time to explain things to her? Or was this one of those emails sifted into the bin? Is it sincere in identifying the Emperor's lack of attire? Or is she taking the piss? Answers on a postcard...

The second from Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) Tom Kelly (the guy who likened Dr Kelly to James Thurber's Walter Mitty) on Blair's presentation of the dossier to the House of Commons on September 24 2002:
Instead [2] TB can carry the big message 'this is a man who will do anything he can not just to hang on to power, but to impose his will'.

It is, indeed, not entirely in the Land of Wishful Thinking that, because he succeeded in the latter endeavour, he will eventually fail in the former. Not entirely...

[Just realised the Danny Kaye connection: freaky!]

  1. An individual who works in a government department but who is free from the constraints against involvement in party politics which apply to ordinary civil servants. Alastair Campbell was the best-known example (the rules have been revised, following a sort of report which coincides with AC's departure from government. A list of special advisers in Number 10 has to be saved, and opened in MS Word to extract the goodness - some fiendish XML, I assume.)

    (Without the slightest intent, I'm sure, Hutton lists the email as Nadir/Campbell.)

  2. I surmise, instead of a warm-up press conference introducing the dossier.

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