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Monday, September 01, 2003

Hutton's private visit to Cabinet Office: not BBC censorship, surely?

A genuine puzzle here.

Having at the back of my mind the notion that Lord Hutton had visited government offices to view secret papers that would not be placed in evidence with the Inquiry, I both sought and found, via Google News, in a BBC piece:
The papers also reveal Lord Hutton went in person to the Cabinet Office to read secret Joint Intelligence Committee documents on 15 August...

Going to the piece (August 30), the par was nowhere to be seen. An error by Mr Google? No: the cache of the same URL produces the same piece (this time dated August 29) - but with the par as promised.

Conspiracy, cock-up or what? The BBC piece is, so far as I can see, the only online source for the August 15 visit. I have yet to go through the new material on the site, so can't identify which of the papers might have revealed the visit.

It surely can't be that Hutton's visit was supposed itself to be a secret? Or is the BBC admitting it misinterpreted the papers in the first place?


That the visit on August 15 took place is attested by one of the pieces of evidence that arrived between August 21 and 26: a note from Julian Miller, John Scarlett's deputy and Head of Assessment at the JIC (45:3).

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