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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Geoghan: Hate crime law bites homosexual lobby in the ass?

I wouldn't have touched on the case, except for having read the suggestion that John Geoghan's murder might qualify as a hate crime; and, further, that some homosexual groups are not overly gladdened by the prospect.

There's a cliché about fascism and communism getting so extreme, they meet each other round the back. It seems to me that the notion of hate crimes is the result of a similar conjunction between the diversity divas and the custodomaniacs.

(South Park offers sanity on the subject - in the episode, the judge tells Cartman, who has thrown a rock at the sole less-than-lily-white member of the 'cast',
I am making an example of you, to send a message out to people everywhere! That if you want to hurt another human being, you better make damned sure they're the same colour as you are!)

Even more bizarre, of course, is how Geoghan came to be locked up with a guy doing life for murdering a homosexual. Too bizarre even for South Park, that one, I suspect...

[Whilst on the subject, there is another neat pairing: State Representative Demetrius Atsalis (copy/pasted, just in case...) of Barnstable, MA, has, it seems, been exercising his nether orifice on the subject:
Not to sound cold here, but growing up, you hear about jailhouse justice and this might be a case of that. Those who prey on children aren't seen in the same light as other convicts. Is it shocking? I don't think so. His crime was against children and convicts know that - they don't like it.

It's just like Bill Lockyer - who found gagging about prison rape went down a storm with CA voters (that's male rape, of course: a case where the NOW harpies would scarcely approve equal treament) - only taken to the next level.

The hack is shocked - Renault again! - by the fact that the Boston Globe from which the quote came omitted these further words of wisdom:
"But Atsalis called Geoghan's death 'distressing,' and said 'it's troubling when anybody's in custody of the Commonwealth and they die in prison. They become a ward of the state, and there is some responsibility with the state to make sure they are safe. Obviously, there may have been a lapse. Who knows?'"

And that, of course, really takes the sting away.

Pols and hacks, dontcha love 'em...]

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