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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Some aid on copyright limbo, perhaps...

A piece of news that had passed me by - but a bill (HR 2601) has been introduced in the House (a couple of months ago, in fact!) to tackle the problem of copyright chilling exacerbated by the Sonny Bono Act, as approved by the Nine Boneless Wonders (or seven of them) in Eldred v Ashcroft in January.

The idea (the bill has its own site, with links to text, etc) seems to be that copyrights would only be preserved beyond 50 years if owners applied to the government to so request.

What the political dynamics are in Congress, I've no idea. Lawrence Lessig of Stanford U, involved in all of this on the side of the angels, has a piece from June 25 on the launch of the bill, saying
This was a strange day of feeling Congress sometimes somehow might work. It's very early, and we have yet to weather the criticism and opposition. And of course, if money lines on this one, we will not prevail. But every, from Members to staff, took this as seriously as anyone could hope. Let's see what happens.

Another case of the Ninth Beatitude...

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