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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

More Six Degrees stuff: Greta Van Susteren and Joe McCarthy!

I have from Howard Kurtz that the well-preserved Fox news babe (Kurtz calls her increasingly blonde - bitch!) that her father, Urban Van Susteren, was Joseph McCarthy's campaign manager in 1946. (Both residents of Appleton, WI, in Outagamie County.)

McCarthy beat the last remnant of the First Family of Western insurgency, Robert LaFollette Jr, in the Republican primary for the Wisconsin US Senate nomination (LaFollette having foolishly declined to jump ship to the Dems). Robert LaFollette Sr was the guy who started the initiative/recall business that is providing so much comedy gold in the Golden State right now.

(Both LaFollette père et fils bore the name of Marion - just like John Wayne. Not a lot of people know that...)

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