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Friday, August 15, 2003

Lord Hutton: World Exclusive! (modified rapture only...)

Some off-topic research in aid of barring the onset of Transcript Fatigue, and I stumble on a bizarre factoid concerning the man who currently is holding a scalpel to Saint Tony's wedding tackle.

To wit, the names of
Lord and Lady Hutton
appear on a page headed
Wedding Coverage Commendations
on the site of Vaughan Ives Photography of London, beneath the following glowing recommendation:"We're absolutely thrilled with the photographs … they are really wonderful."

To use a word of Susan Watts, let's triangulate. There is only one Lord Hutton; and he did get remarried in 2001 (according to the Guardian of July 31).

That's all the information I have. One might speculate as to the circumstances in which the good Lord's name thus appears, but I shan't. One might actually find out; but that would be actual journalism - which I'm prepared to leave to the professionals.

It's not without interest that Lord Hutton was one of the Law Lords involved in the Pinochet extradition litigation. The House of Lords (the top UK court) decided in November 1998 that the General could not rely on sovereign immunity. One of the Law Lords who heard the case, Lord Hoffmann, turned out to be a director of a company linked to Amnesty International, a party to the case he had heard. Hutton was on the panel that decided that the decision in the sovereign immunity case should be set aside on the basis of - Hoffmann's conflict of interest!

It's a funny old game...

(While I have the URL to hand, a Pinochet timeline.)

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