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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Hutton Inquiry - poker visors on!

For Tony Blair, the return leg of the Iraq fixture kicks off on Monday with the first witnesses to give testimony to Lord Hutton. The official site supplies a list of witnesses for next week. As well as various civil servants from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Ministry of Defence (MOD), the three BBC journos who (are known to have) had interviews with Dr David Kelly are due to testify [1].

Regrettably, Hutton has decided to exclude both TV and radio broadcasters - though a CCTV link to an overflow room is to be provided: are such things hackable? I only asked...

So the only unfiltered rendering of the evidence will be the transcripts supplied on the official site. (I had expected that the TV networks - Channel 4, rather than the BBC, in the circs! - would be clearing the schedules for reenactments of the proceedings. No sign yet, though there's still plenty of time.)

As for Hutton himself, I've yet to track down an online bio - save, of course, the pitiful effort on the official site, and this offering from the Guardian of July 31. Perhaps it's not a bad thing - the temptation to use a bio as a form book is best avoided.

Not even the course of proceedings is a sure guide to the outcome: the Scott Inquiry [2] gave its witnesses a hard time, but its report (brief summary of conclusions) was underwhelming.

So as long as one approaches Hutton with the 9th Beatitude [3] clearly in mind, I suspect we may have entertainment, if not enlightenment, in store.

  1. But not under oath, this being an ad hoc inquiry.

  2. It looks as if there's pitifully little on Scott online. FAS has some bits and pieces; otherwise, nothing stands out on a cursory search.

  3. Blessed is he who expects nothing: for he shall seldom be disappointed.

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