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Friday, August 08, 2003

How many cheers for Hiram?

The Californicated Election does for Progressivism what Trent Lott and his mot on the Dixiecrats of '48 did for the South and the Jim Crow era. Redeemer of the People [1] Hiram Johnson, onlie begetter of the rule which makes the current pantomime possible, is, I strongly suspect, due for something of a kicking.

But...knowledge first, kicking afterwards.

(Not to forget Lynn Frazier of North Dakota - only governor to suffer recall, in 1921 - and the Non-Partisan League, and other goodies yet to come properly within my ken.)

Initial searches suggest the online resources for Johnson and his Crusade against Evil - there was his slaying of the Octopus, of course, before he became Governor and had Utopia enacted into law - are thin on the ground. That may well, however, be an impression born of ignorance....

  1. Rightly or wrongly, I get from Johnson a whiff of positively Blairian sanctimony wafting like clouds of incense. Though his First Inaugural from January 1911 - which outlines his programme, including the recall - seems at first glance positively matter-of-fact in tone compared with the average Blair effusion.

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