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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Downloading the Hutton evidence: how-to note

After a couple of weeks with dribs and drabs, now most of the documentary evidence is online at the official site.

The problem is, the way it's done there are hundreds of files to be downloaded, the links arranged on half a dozen pages. My tip (there is, I'm sure, an easier way, but...):

  • add each page to Favorites;
  • check Make available offline;
  • click Customize;
  • check Yes and to Download 2 pages deep, and Next;
  • click Next, then Finish, then OK.

The links on the page will then start to download (to Temporary Internet Files).

When all the links have downloaded - some pages have 50-60 megs - be warned! - retrieve them from the TIFs via Tools>Internet Options>Settings (under Temporary Internet Files)>View Files. (Arrange the icons by file type.)

Some, but not much, time can be saved by stopping the download straight away, going into Tools>Synchronize, selecting the item in the list, clicking Properties, then on the Download tab, then unclicking Follow links outside....

That way, you do pick up the Hutton files, but do not pick up sundry other stuff - Adobe links and the like.

It seems to me that, in terms of car chronology, the software side of computers and the net are around 1915: we've got the Model T, but we still need to Get out and get under at annoyingly regular intervals. The wretched thing never works quite as it should, with chewing gum and elastic bands holding in place parts that would otherwise fly off.

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