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Friday, August 08, 2003

ADL opposes spouse residency law - noted for future reference

Whilst Edgar Bronfman of the World Jewish Congress is getting grief for the letter he and Lawrence Eagleburger sent to Bush in opposition to the Wall (aka Fence), Forward reports that the Anti-Defamation League has criticised the new law recently passed by the Knesset which denies residency rights in Israel proper to Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens who themselves are not citizens [1].

A statement from its director, Abraham Foxman, included the following sentence:
We hope the Knesset will review this law when it expires in a year and explore other methods to ensure Israel's security needs.

No evidence that I've seen of Foxman suffering the same kind of vituperation as Bronfman [2]. And I certainly wouldn't presume to draw any conclusions. Interesting, though, in the light, inter alia, of the case of the Old Dominion's Rep James Moran earlier this year - which I looked at but, with the war supervening, never explored to any degree of satisfaction.

  1. For a text of the law, the Nationality and Entry into Israel (Temporary Order) Law, this DOC file of the original bill in English translation is the best available online, that I can see.

  2. A cursory search suggests Foxman is used to being the object of vituperation. He was, it seems, also drawn into the farrago surrounding the Great Fornicator's pardon to Marc Rich.

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