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Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Plawg is back on the clock!

Just a few weeks's involuntary exile from the world of online seems closer to an aeon, by dint of the strangely logarithmic function which seems to govern one's perception of the effluxion of net time (Clinton online somehow feels like a character from history roughly contemporary with Queen Victoria in real life!)

In my 'absence', an enormous wodge of material on matters germane to past discussions here has been produced - some of which I'll be picking over for the next few days. Meaning new stuff may well take a little time coming through.

Happily, being off the air spared me the full impact of the Michigan U affirmative action decision. Nor was I in any danger of missing the much anticipated downfall of Bomber Blair for his jaysons on the existence of WMDs and related matters (on which he seems to have maintained with consummate ease a comfort zone as wide as the Euphrates!).

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