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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Elizabeth Cheney breaks cover - and seems actually to be working!

Previously [1], I may have doubted the Vice President's daughter's usefulness to USG in any capacity other than the visual [2]. And, possibly, a stool-pigeon for her father's associates in a nest of Arabush-lovers (the State Department Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (BNEA) being somewhere close to Hamas in neocon demonology, it seems - my April 23 piece refers).

Now, I find in the NY Times (June 16) that she's been entrusted with
a $100 million collection of 40 programs called the Middle East Partnership Initiative, will be a focus of an economic conference in Jordan that Secretary of State Colin L. Powell is set to attend this week.

Cheney Fille [3] says
There's a great Egyptian poet who said that if you educate a mother, you educate a nation.

Does that means she reads Arabic? Or is that Reader's Digest?

Either way, the Times is not holding back: she's described as giving
a very careful telephone interview, in which she agreed to talk about the program but not herself.

So, she checks every answer with her press minder, and refused to dish on who's currently shtupping her. That's really harsh - I'm sure Jayson wouldn't have let that sort of pettiness get in the way of his story!

Of her responsibilities at state, the piece says that
its goals are an unusual amalgam of ideas usually associated with liberals, such as improving the status of women in the developing world, and with neo-conservatives like Paul D. Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, who argue that the United States has an unparalleled chance to spread democracy throughout the Middle East after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

When Tommy Franks has pulverised the ever-loving crap out of some poor Mideast nation, Liz Cheney comes along with her social workers. Now that's what I call synergy!

The hack quotes Margaret Tutwiler (now exiled to Rabat) on Cheney's fears about taking the job:
She was concerned: how could she be treated normally? Her father is not just the sitting vice president, but an extremely influential one.

There's just something about that quote...

  1. Pieces on December 5 2002 and April 23 .

  2. Well, she looks as if she might be cute - as far as 12KB can allow one to tell. (Best pic that I could find!)

  3. Liz? Lizzie? Eliza? Libby?...

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